4 comments on “She’s feeling better

  1. I am so glad that Tasha seems to be improving. It is so hard when our pets are sick and we try to feed them different things. Frustrating. I did not know that she had an immune problem. Poor thing. 11 years old is wonderful. I hope she gets over this bout of sickness and has many more happy years!

  2. Thanks again, FS, for your caring. Tonight Tasha seems to be feeling
    even better than she apparently did this morning. It is tough, as you
    know, to feel so helpless and not even be able to explain to our poor
    animals what's happening. The flip side of that is, they don't worry
    about it — they're totally in the moment. We've been lucky. The average life expectancy from the time of diagnosis for FIV is 5
    years. Tasha's been
    FIV-positive the whole time we've had her since adoption (about 10
    years). So while she
    seems to currently be recovering from this episode, I know she may not
    be so lucky next time. But aren't we all living that way every day? If
    only I could make peace with that. I've got work to do! — JG

  3. Your love has probably extended her life far more than you can realize. I can relate because we lost our beloved dog, Starbuck, to lymphoma. I knew something was wrong before the vet said so. Also, I have an immune disease that they say will shorten my lifespan, so I can relate to Tasha in that way too. My disease is called, "Common Variable Immune Deficiency," and like Tasha, this disease makes it easier to catch things. Sounds a bit like what Tasha has. I am so sorry about her illness but happy that she has lived this long and is improving!

  4. Glad to hear she is getting better. She's so pretty! Fred is our "table sitter." It's nearly his favorite place to be.

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