4 comments on “I didn’t thin out their gene pool

  1. Ah, I have never seen the robins taking their territorial disputes out onto the road. I have seen some very fat robins in the spring and I always wonder if they are the females about to lay eggs.

  2. Usually I've only seen the males in pursuit of each other across busy roads. They regularly get smacked into cars and trucks that way this time of year. The two I saw today, however, were on foot… darndest thing, too! They paid attention only to each other as they hopped out into traffic. Glad I missed 'em but I don't know how they fared later! Fat robins or just puffed up against the cold? I don't think the girls gain much weight when developing eggs. Ah, the wonders of spring, eh? — JG

  3. Last year I had Robins fly into the side of my car… TWICE! They may be pretty and have nice singing voices, but they aren't exactly smart. I always feel bad when I hit a bird, even when it's their fault. *Sad face*

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