5 comments on “Tasha’s wearing a collar

  1. I really want to see Tasha's collar!! It sounds so much cuter than the "cone of shame" which is the plastic cone that the vet uses to keep dogs and cats from biting at injuries or stitches, etc.I bet you are so right. Think of how much a cat is in the little and how irritating that might be. Although you enjoyed that type of litter, that would be wonderful news if it turns out that that is the culprit and that Tasha is just fine!! I hope that is the case :-)I look forward to seeing the picture of Tasha in the blue collar with the bow!!

  2. So "She" and Tasha may both be allergic to the wheat based cat litter. Huh. I suppose that's not really that unusual. Not sure I'd have thought of it. We used the corn cob litter when we had Roscoe and he loved it. It was also flushable which I liked a lot. It wasn't available outside of Toledo so I stopped using it.It would be fun to see Tasha in her collar but I'll bet she hates it.

  3. I loved the wheat litter for the "flushable" feature myself; it was also lighter and cleaner in the box. Don't know if either one of the females is actually allergic to the wheat dust but we had to give it a try. We've switched to unscented Arm & Hammer litter: it clumps hard and does not contain those awful scent "crystals" that many litters use. Can't flush it {sigh} but hopefully it won't contribute to our problems. — JG

  4. Tuesday's post has a photo of Tasha in her "cape" as she waited for breakfast in the kitchen doorway. Very cute. We're hoping it's allergic but can't really count on that. We see Dr. B. again this Friday. — JG

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