6 comments on “That four-letter word that starts with “s”

  1. It's that
    reticulata that I photographed not long ago. Actually, I think it's the very same flower. It was standing again this afternoon after the day's thaw. The snow seemed to be restricted to the tier of counties south of Lake Erie. Bizarre! — JG

  2. Tasha's visit to the vet went well (very expensive but the visit went well) though it left Dr. B. humming a puzzled hum still not knowing what the matter is. So the dear cat received another antibiotic injection and will receive a longer course of Revolution anti-parasitic. A consultation with a veterinary dermatologist led Dr. B. to rethink his confidence that Revolution mops up all nasties pronto. Except for a tiny scratch on her head, Tasha seems to be healing and less itchy; she is eating adequately, but still a bit shy for our comfort. We may never know what caused all this misery and expense. She'd be glad to know she's not due to go to the clinic again in the foreseeable future… if she could understand such a thing. — JG

  3. Glad to hear about Tasha – poor suffering kitty.That photo is too pretty to be true! It looks as if the snow has turned to sugar, and how could it destroy a poor lavender iris?

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