5 comments on “Unexpected astronomy

  1. That is awesome. Is the observatory near where you live? How fascinating. I sure wish we had had that here when my daughter was supposed to be locating the constellations for school a month ago (and we had so many foggy nights!!).

  2. The observatory I am privileged to run is, unfortunately, about an hour from my home. A bit of a drive but at least the skies are reasonably dark on a clear night. There are some excellent online resources for those seeking to learn the constellations including sites that will generate accurate sky charts for your location, time, and date — no observatory necessary. Still, there's nothing like looking through a good telescope at Saturn or the Moon to excite an interest in astronomy. — JG

  3. Observatories around the country regularly offer "public nights" when all are invited to look through the telescopes. Those are often the older observatories but the telescopes are amazing. Views of the Moon and planets like Saturn and Jupiter offer real "wow factors." See if there's one near you! — JG

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