7 comments on “Drive in

  1. Beautiful Photos James. You really get some nice shots. I like to do nature photography too. I'm just starting to play around with photography and I have already figured out that nature is definitely my thing. Especially flowers. My mother always had a greenhouse when I was growing up and I was surrounded with plants always. I loved it then, but I especially love it now as it brings back nice memories of her. Every flower just about has a story of some sort associated with her. I enjoy your photos. Thanks for being so good at it.

  2. Looking at these photos, I can believe that Nature will never take a wrong step. Her delicacy, strength, lights, shadows – all have been captured here.

  3. Well put, Aubrey. From hard stone that takes millennia to wear smooth to pink blooms that come to glory and will fade in days, Nature has many faces. Thank you for your compliment. — JG

  4. Wow James – what an array of beauty you find on your way to work. Sadly I do not see trees for the concrete and billboards …

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