3 comments on “Buddha surprise

  1. Lovely pictures. I am glad you posted both of them because I had no idea that the figures in the first picture were as large as they are. I was quite surprised to see them in the second picture, up on the roof, pretty large. The building is interesting. I can tell they added some of the beauty and the pointed roofs after it was a barn no longer.

  2. Tibetan Buddhists seem to enjoy very bright colors. I think I'll return to the temple one day and shoot photos of some of the colorful details there including the prayer wheels also at the entrance. I like the "smiles" worn by the deer statues… they look so content! — JG

  3. I am glad you pointed out the smiles on the deer. I had not noticed. When Mr went to Vietnam in 1995 to get our daughter from the orphanage, he would put her in the front pack and a man with a pedi-cab took Mr all around sight seeing. He took Mr to a Buddhist temple. I hope to scan or take pictures of some of the pictures sometime, as they are so interesting! (the pedi-cab drivers loved to have Americans as customers. He wanted to be Mr's driver all week. What Mr paid him was what he usually made in a month!)

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