3 comments on “A most pleasant project

  1. What an interesting project to undertake. I especially like the shot for the Ballreich Observatory.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to document all the observatories across America – and then the world!……..

  2. I'm hoping a series of day trips this summer will result in much
    progress on my project and it'll be fun getting there. Among the
    destinations will be the hometown of Leslie Peltier
    over in Delphos. He was an amazing fellow and his book is
    entertaining reading. I've enjoyed looking at your observatory photos
    from other parts of the world but I don't think I could live long enough
    to visit all of the world's Observatories. — JG

  3. Peltier sounds really interesting – I like this quote attributed to him:I feel it is my duty to warn others…that they approach the observing
    of variable stars with the utmost caution. It is easy to become an
    addict, and as usual, the longer the indulgence is continued the more
    difficult it becomes to make a clean break and go back to a normal life.All the astronomers I know still have the same incredible enthusiasm for star gazing as they must have had as youngsters. I never for one minute imagine that my husband will wake up one day and say that he wants to change careers.

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