7 comments on “Stormy evening

  1. Hmmmm…. I can see the Parrish reference perhaps in some of the coloration — the "peach-ich" tones in some of the clouds — but I'd not venture to compare it to his work. Thanks! — JG

  2. Thanks, it was a dramatic sight in person as well. The dramatic contrast of the scene is why I wanted to record it. Face? I don't see one though I do see a dancer right of center!I've looked at clouds from
    both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It's cloud's illusions I recall
    I really don't know clouds at all– Judy Collins, "Both Sides Now" | OldieLyrics.com

  3. Laughing! I see the face! He/she is looking heavenward. The lightest, brightest part is their forehead, then the eye sockets, sadly the nose was knocked off by one of the big black clouds flying by, then lastly the mouth is puckered so it can whistle a little tune!

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