2 comments on “A good long day

  1. On his last observing trip to Australia the manservant, in his astro-dweeb guise, had to observe through sucker holes most of the run. It strikes me as such a funny term. I've never been on a train excursion – of the historic kind. Too many long rides from the country to Sydney on old rattlers probably cured me of any fascination but I always enjoy other people's adventures and photos.

  2. In the amateur world a "sucker hole" is a clearing in the clouds that teases one into setting up for observing only to have that opening disappear once ready… sucker! I think it pretty much applies in professional circles as well though I'm amazed your friendly neighborhood astronomy was able to grab data that quickly!Excursion train? It was a very short run –12 miles– and really didn't have a destination but "excursion" sounds better than "going nowhere." — JG

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