4 comments on “Crazy-odd but I don’t care

  1. That is really neat looking! It does look like art. Reminds me of the rain-boot and shoe picture that was posted a few weeks ago! Neat that you stopped and took a picture.

  2. It is hay season here too James. The hay rolls are everywhere. Here we have a long enough season that they cut it twice a year. When I was up north I noticed that they get it all rolled and then cover it in plastic. I saw these fields the first time with these big white plastic things all over the place and was dumbfounded. I finally figured out that it was rolls of hay like this covered. That was really something to see.During Halloween they will take these hay rolls down here and decorate them all kinds of ways. When they start I'll have to take some pictures for you. You will really enjoy that.

  3. Too many times I've regretted not stopping when I've spotted something interesting. I'm trying to get into the habit of, whenever possible, taking a moment and the shot! — JG

  4. When I grew up in rural Northwestern Ohio, hay was nearly always baled — cut and bound into big brick-shaped bundles. I even did a short stint unloading bales from a farm trailer into the loft of a big barn. And yes, they often wrap the modern rolls of hay in plastic to (I presume) prevent rot. What, to those who live with it every day, is too routine a sight to matter is novel and even beautiful to some of the rest of us. — JG

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