5 comments on “Cirrus for decoration

  1. Great sky shots. The manservant, in his astro-dweeb guise, is observing in Chile tonight – he sent word that there is "spectacular seeing; but cloudy" – that sounds like an oxymoron.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Within a couple of hours of those beautiful cirrus, thicker, less pretty clouds moved in and it was cloudy the whole rest of the day. Hmmm…. could the Astro-Dweeb be remotely using instruments located above the
    clouds? I've been hearing from folks lately extolling the virtues of one
    location or the other where, at night, they can see their shadow cast
    by the light of the Milky Way! I've gotta go to one of those places one day. — JG

  3. He was observing on the Magellan telescope – luckily the clouds dispersed and the great seeing remained. They'd previously lost 2 nights because it was too windy to open. I hope that you do get to Keck, Magellan or even AAT (not always good seeing in Australia) some day – I'm sure that you would love it.

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