5 comments on “River respite

  1. Thanks, Aubrey. Sometimes when I pass scenes of beauty like this during my daily commute, I'm tempted to just stop and spend a couple of hours looking. Then I remember they won't pay me if I don't show up for work! {sigh}

  2. "A River Runs Through It" … Are you a kind of Robert Redford, James ?? :))What a really good idea you parked and shot this photograph… a little bit of Ohio all over the Internet.. up to my screen in France … 😀

  3. Your reference to "A River Runs Through It" brought to mind faded memories of the scenery depicted in the film. (A fine film, by the way. I think it is the only book-based movie where I had the sense of pages turning as I watched the screen.) We have some beautiful river valleys in our area of Ohio and I am only beginning to photograph them. Thanks for your comment! — JG

  4. And yet, sometimes it's annoying when movies look like novels too much and too close !!! Especially for action movies. When you know to the split second what is going to be said, or by the skin of one's teeth what is going to take place, i find it often boring !! But it's just my own opinion :)))))

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