7 comments on “Silhouette on a dark afternoon

  1. Thanks, Maya! I'm pretty happy with the way the photo came out. Tasha's a good old cat, though not a very cooperative model most of the time. — JG

  2. I think cats are seldom cooperative for pictures or for nothing else… but when they are, they are wonderful models, both full with aristocracy and mischief :))(Sorry if my english is vague… i hope you understand me in spite of my language mistakes or approximations :-s )

  3. Cats can be a sort of living sculpture or simply "too cute," as often seen in Web site photos. By the way, your English is very good and much superior to my French. I tried twice to take French language courses and failed once, nearly failed the second time! — JG

  4. French, spanish and italian are difficult languages to learn for foreigners : lots of words to make agree, of verbs to be conjugated with strange and complicated tenses … English is a much simpler language.But it would be a shame you give up once more :-sIf you need some help, don't hesitate :))

  5. A new brain would be of great help. Do you have a spare? 😉 The only way I can read your French posts is by using Google's Translate service. By the way, thanks again for your posting on Willy Ronis. I am so sorry I had not been aware of his work up to now — I love it! He was a great artist. — JG

  6. Sorry, i've no spare parts for any body (it would be usefull for me too sometimes)… and may i confide something to you ? … i understand almost all what i read, but i use an onlive dictionary to verify check some words or to find some others i forgot or ignored when i write :))) … That's it : i confess :)))))The exhibition on Ronis was very rich, very complete, and I appreciated it very much. You're right, he was a major artist and a kind man full with generosity and humanism.

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