4 comments on “Last dragonfly

  1. I like Dragonflies. My daughter shot one for me at Folsom Lake, California, last year. I love that picture :And you wrote "It seemed to be the summer's last dragonfly" and i read "It seemed to be the last summer's dragon's flight" and i imagined dragons flying in the finishing summer, brushing against the water and fluttering around you…. But dragonflies look like miniature dragons so much, don't you think so ? … [And perhaps i have too much imagination, besides not knowing how to read correctly… lol… ]

  2. I think dragonflies got their name by being fierce predators on the wing. Then again, as you say, perhaps they do look a bit like dragons. Fortunately they do not breathe fire! — JG

  3. Emjay — I had the same thought! It looks for all the world like the poor critter has died. Perhaps he is not long for this world and our impressions are shades of things to come. — JG

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