8 comments on “Butterfly morning

  1. Hey! I cannot seem to add you with blog surfer. I am not sure why. Will keep trying. The butterfly picture is amazing with that background!!!

    • I don’t know what the problem may be! I assume you tried entering “photonstopper” –all lower-case, no quotes– in the add box. That’s all it ought to take! Thanks for your compliment. I’m pretty happy with the photo though it’s much larger than I think I’ll want to post in future. — JG

  2. I really like the picture that large!! I will continue to try to add you. I assume you are trying to add freedomsmith5 ? Well, we will get this figured out somehow.

  3. Lovely butterfly. The first photo I posted on here I chose “large” and then it was so big I could not see it in the screen! The next two were medium and they were also too big. I will be selecting small from now on – at least here you can select the box and minimize the size (if you can see the photo edge in your screen of course LOL).

    • It’s difficult working on photos inside the compose window. I’ve pretty much standardized on 500 pixel width which helps but then I create all of my blog photos using Photoshop or The GIMP.

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