4 comments on “Vox refugee arrival noted

  1. I am trying to add you and it says your blog is private. Is it? I am freedomsmith5 if you need to add me. That is odd, since I could get on here with the link on vox. Very confusing.

    • No, the WordPress blog should be public. I had comments at Vox set to require my approval because of all of the spammers there. I’m checking settings here now but don’t see one to make the entire blog public or private though, when I started the import, I said it should be public. Testing access from my iPod Touch, I’m getting full access and a cool little Mobile version of the blog but no statement that it’s private. — JG

  2. Nice place you’ve got here! Hope you like it. Glad to hear you had few problems importing your former posts. It would be a shame to lose your past work. You are likely to get quite a following here at WordPress!

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