7 comments on “Lake-to-Lake Labor Day

    • Thanks, Su! The blog structure has shaped up and I’m getting used to the interface. I’m still working out what role this blog will have vs. a photo sharing site I’m considering — not Flickr.

  1. I love the frog picture!! Wow, that is amazing. I am glad you got to get out on the trail and ride bikes, enjoy the outdoors, and take some fantastic pictures (as usual)! Great blog, James! Is there any way you can show your gravitar on your page so that there is something familiar here? (the pic that is next to your comments. You can also have it on the side of your page.

    There have been so many changes that when I get to a blog, I begin to get confused if there is nothing familiar. Just a suggestion but if you don’t want to, that is fine.

    Glad you are here, James!

    • I’m pretty happy with “Froggie” too! I was very surprised how close the little guy let me get with my camera. It wasn’t until I brought my hand within a couple of inches of the frog that he >>blup!<< ducked under water — I had to prove that he was actually alive. I don't see an option for display of my Gravitar on the blog pages with this theme. Ironically, I've been thinking of changing the image so it wouldn't help you anyway! 😉 Thanks for your kind words; it's always good to hear from you. — JG

      • I do miss the “favorites” feature, as froggie would definitely be in my favorite pictures file!!

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