2 comments on “Testing The App

  1. Yes, I saw another post that someone had done on the droid or the android. The entire post!! I could not imagine. I have a hard time trying to type on my daughters Itouch. If my fingers are too large, I cannot imagine a man using the screen for typing! Good think my daughter has thin fingers!!

    If you can do comments, that would be great. Are you able to get to the “manage comments” page? That would be very handy, to be able to go through that page while out and about!

    • Yes, FS, one CAN make and manage comments using the WordPress app! Also, if you turn the iTouch to landscape orientation whilst typing, the keys enlarge. Still, it’s something of an ordeal to do much typing this way … the way I’m writing this very reply.

      UPDATE: The WordPress App has twice or three times stopped responding when attempting to post a reply to a comment. I wrote a reply, clicked the button to Send, and the little spinning wheel just kept on spinnin’ — and locks up the whole sheebang! Required a hard reset of the iPod Touch each time. 9/27/2010

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