11 comments on “Beeing

  1. FANTASTIC!! These pictures are incredible. You did a wonderful job getting such detail and very clear shots. They could be used in a textbook or in National Geographic.

    I showed your pictures to my 18 year old son, who just got home from school, and he thinks they are super. He also said, “He (you) must have an amazing lens!”

    • I’ve got to say I myself was surprised at the detail that was recorded! They were pretty much grab shots –I wish I’d have used a different setting– but I was delighted at what I saw anyway. The lens was a very good quality (though not premium) Canon 50mm macro lens. Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Awesome shots James. I also like the size you have presented them here. I don’t seem to be able to get mine “right” on the theme that I’ve chosen. If I select large they are ridiculously big and yet I’m not happy with the “medium” I am choosing.

    Perhaps when I get back to DC I will have more time to sit and fiddle around with WordPress. I backed up all my stuff onto TypePad as well because it would accept all my photos and they look much better over there… oh well, trial and error is good for the brain.

    • Thanks, Emjay! I edit almost all of my photos and re-size them for use with the blog. Widths of 500 or 800 pixels are manageable. Even so, if I use larger sizes, they fill the editing window. What I usually do with WordPress is write the text first and then insert the photos. I’ll also do the reverse. One huge advantage WP has over Vox is THEY DO AUTOMATIC BACKUPS as you edit! I lost several good posts during creation at Vox because of an interruption or a wrong click. — JG

    • Had I known how good they were going to be, I’d have put a little more effort into the exploration. The shots could have used a little more depth of focus. We learn by doing, however. It does look like a tiny fly –I’d noticed it myself– but I think it’s some sort of pigmentation or other flaw. Thanks for your compliments! — JG

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