5 comments on “Celebrated Moon

  1. What an amazing picture !! I’m not very competent in astronomy, but tonight, i noticed a very bright stellar objet, a planet i think, and i thought i’d like to look at it through a telescope… :))

    • Thanks, Maya! It the bright “star” you refer to was in the east beginning soon after sunset, chances are it was planet Jupiter. It’s very bright right now being about as close as it ever gets to Earth. If you get a chance to view it though a telescope, you should; it will be memorable! — JG

      • Oh yes, you’re right…. it was in the east…. Jupiter ??

        I’ve no way to view it through a telescope, it’s a pity… But…. can one see the rings of Jupiter with a telescope ? I suppose that you ever saw that… It might be amazing !!!

    • Thanks, FS. I’m still working on lunar and other astrophotography; it has special challenges outside of what we face with things here on Earth. It’s a pleasure sharing the view. — JG

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