9 comments on “Crazy beautiful

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! Wow. I would want to sit and just look at the beauty!

    We also love Wheatsworth! I hope you can find them. When all else fails, I look on amazon.com in their grocery section where things are for sale by the case! I have found several things that are difficult to buy around here and the price is good.

    • Thanks! If I’d any inkling how beautiful it was going to be down there, I’d have taken me big camera and tripod. Guess I’ve gotta go back soon!

      I’m hoping I won’t have to “mail order” crackers but it’s discouraging to not see them locally. The adventure begins!

  2. Fern has been a strong symbol for rebirth for milleniums, and first christians adopted and adapted it (stole it !! ).

    This plant has been existing for a much longer time than the appearance of man and will doubtless survive him. It looks so weak, and yet it’s so tough. I find it moving, stirring and terrible at the same time. More than a rebirth symbol, it might be a symbol of the smallness and brevity of humanity.

    And as usual, your pictures are awesome… 🙂

    • I’ve always enjoyed ferns for the very reasons you cite — though I was unfamiliar with some of the lore you mention. They are so ancient and beautiful. We have at least one fern forest near here but this one plant, in isolation and in contrast to the rock from which it springs, really stands out. Thanks for your comment! — JG

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