3 comments on “Grand tour

  1. That is INCREDIBLE!!! They did not let you look through it, did they? I have no idea that it would be so humongous. You seem to visit some very interesting and cool places. This post looks great against your black background, btw.

    • Actually, though the big telescope is used in scientific research and has a permanently-mounted instrument package, they do host “public nights” there once a month! I was told by one of the astronomers, however, that the view through the big scope isn’t as good as the view offered by the much smaller old scope — due to those instruments I mentioned. There’s only one big observatory scope in the state I have yet to see and I’m hoping it won’t be too long a wait. Yes, fascinating places. Maybe not as impressive as what AussieEmjay gets to visit, but we’ve got cool stuff too! Thanks! — JG

  2. I really enjoyed this post James – it is interesting to compare this to the AAT. First thing I noticed was no kangaroos in the grounds LOL.

    America has lots of “cool stuff” … 🙂

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