8 comments on “Morning Diamonds

  1. Ephemeral diamonds, not constituted by carbon, but simply by two atoms of hydrogen and by one atom of oxygen. In my opinion, the water molecule is the symbol of the balance: one H+ and one OH-, the acid and the basic, and the combination of both which annuls these two poles.

    And the spherical shape of the drop, the model of maximimale efficiency and the visual perfection.

    Thank you for photographing so tiny and trivial things , but however so essential :))

    • Thanks, Maya. Poetical as always! I do enjoy exploring our universe from the very small and nearby to the very large and far away. It’s fun to record and share what I see. — JG

      • From the drop of dew to the Milky Way…and even farther… Too infinity and beyond 🙂

        For sure, the range of what you photograph is quite huge !!!

    • Thanks for the compliments! I was experimenting with my little Canon G11 camera and I’m pretty happy with the way the photos came out. Could be better but I’m still learning the controls. The little camera and its swiveling LCD panel can get into small spaces and allow shots from difficult angles. The rain’s gone for a while so I’ll have to wait a bit before I can try again. — JG

  2. James, these pictures are so beautiful. You are so good at getting pictures of stuff that most of us wouldn’t think about photographing. Very nice!

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