7 comments on “Off to work I go

  1. If White-Snow were a red-haired woman, one would call her Fawn-Valley and you would be one of her dwarf, bringing her diamonds of frost and pearls of dewdrops … :))

    Oops… excuse me, i’m writing anything as foolish ideas and pictures come to my mind… i’m unwinding for a while… πŸ™‚

    Uh… Finished, i go back to my calculations and quotations … 😦

  2. What a gorgeous picture!! I love the orange on the trees. The water and the low lighting in the picture make me think of a crisp and chilly morning, just like you said. A lovely place to stop for a few minutes on the way to work!

    • Thanks, FS. The original photo was actually uploaded a bit too dark! I edited it on a different computer, monitor, and under different room lighting conditions than those to which I am accustomed. I’ve replaced the original with a “lighter” version that is more accurate to the scene I saw. I think it’s still pretty dramatic. — JG

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