8 comments on “A good day to be an indoor cat

  1. Poor Tasha !!

    Here in France, in the Alpes, near the Mont-Blanc (but in the valley … about 400 meters over the sea level) the weather was very nice and almost warm : 19°C [66°F] with sun and no wind. If the days weren’t so short, you could think it was yet september.

    My five cats were playing outside, climbing on the trees, running and catching half asleep flies and bees.

    And tonight, when i came outside on the terrace to give them more food, i saw our familiar hedgehog … He was waiting for the catfood too…I swear it : he was waiting near the plate… He’s becoming a pet !!!

    • Your home location sounds lovely. Tasha and I are both envious of you and your cats! I have never favored hot temperatures and 66 to 72 (F) degrees is a fine warm day for me. Wild animals will gladly wait to “share” the cats’ food, or that of the dog; it’s an easy meal! Around here we see skunks and raccoons more often than hedgehogs. — JG

    • The cat didn’t need a sweater but I did. 😉 We are receiving wet snow right now. Ick. Baked spaghetti and a nice Zinfandel made for a comforting dinner at home. — JG

    • She doesn’t know how lucky she is! I regularly remind her (partly to sooth my conscience when she can’t go out on nice days) just how lucky she is to be an indoor cat. How miserable it must be to be soaking wet on a cold day such as today! — JG

  2. I love taking photos of cats. They are the purr-fect subject! (hey, somebody had to say it)

    I spent the cold and blustery Sunday outside for 3 hours working at the leaf collection we have accumulated. Think I’m done for this year. I may need to use the leaf blower a bit more but the riding mower is tucked away behind the outdoor furniture in the garage.

  3. No skunks and raccoons in France… The only wild raccoon i eevr saw was in Florida at Miami : he was knocking over trash cans to find some food … more like a homeless than a wild animal, in fact …

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