4 comments on “Total Lunar Eclipse – December 21

  1. The weather hasn’t been cooperative of late… we’ll see! That very high level of uncertainty has kept me from investing in an astronomical video camera; I was going to do a webcast of the event. Now, if skies are clear, I’ll simply shoot still photos. — JG

  2. Although I am subscribed to your blog I don’t seem to get notifications when you post – so I’m sorry for the delay in “visiting” you. I was relying on the Readomattic then someone mentioned on their blog that it only goes back two days and a lot of times I don’t get to checking in two days… oh well, here I am. I decided not to get out of bed because the forecast was dubious; the manservant was in Hawaii, actually on the summit (unusual because they normally observe remotely) – sadly the weather was too bad to see the eclipse.

    • Ha! Well I guess there’s no advantage to being on a mountaintop in Hawaii… er, sometimes! We had a cloud-out for the eclipse here, too, as did a large portion of the continental U.S. Sad for us. I stayed in bed where, had it been clear, I’d have likely stayed up all night. — JG

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