6 comments on “Wooden it be loverly to be warm?

  1. The last picture looks so cozy!! The fireplace looks wonderful in the room too. Why did you choose wood over a gas fireplace? just curious. I am glad they got your fireplace put in before the really cold weather hit!

    • We’ve used the stove once now to overcome the recent cold. It did a fine job but now we’re nearly out of firewood. Gas? Dunno. We’ve a real fireplace with a chimney that’s in good shape. We don’t have a gas line running into the place. I guess between charm and practicality we found the wood stove a good fit … literally and figuratively. — JG

  2. Your new fireplace insert looks very nice! I think you will really enjoy it. We had ours going the past 2 – 3 days. The cats love it.

  3. Very nice! I’m also sure you’ll enjoy it, and (if you can get cheap or free wood) it won’t take long to pay for itself. I do love your cat photo, I just wish my cats were that relaxed…
    Just stick to the hardest woods you can get (hickory is best; a cord of it is roughly equal to a ton of coal in terms of heating value), but even then I wouldn’t be surprised if you burn through a lot of it. I use about 15-25 pounds of anthracite a day to heat my house.

    • Thanks, Maya. It’s stolen from the way character Liza Doolittle sings “Wouldn’t It be Loverly?” in the film, My Fair Lady. As I remember it, she hadn’t yet received diction lessons and was saying “wooden” in place of “wouldn’t” and “loverly” in place of “lovely.” — JG

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