7 comments on “Little Apples can mean big trouble!

    • I’m not a “fanboy” for either side but that little MacBook is a sweet little computer. I get a lot of enjoyment out of my iPod Touch and we regularly play with the demo iPads in stores. How do you listen to the sound from your iPad movies? Earbuds or something better?

      • Just the iPad microphone most of the time. If I am in a room with someone else then I use the earbuds.

    • I figured that one out! 😉 Kind of “scratchy” sound, isn’t it? Love the iPad, though, ’cause it would be great to see my favorite Touch apps on a bigger screen. For a lot of people, the iPad is all the computer they need and it would be a great choice! I did see the Samsung Galaxy tablet at Best Buy today. Looks great and is a size between Apple’s iPad and Touch which is convenient. Still, I love the extra screen real estate of the iPad and all those apps!

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