4 comments on “They’d have burned us at the stake

  1. I have just spent the evening watching shows on hulu.com I often watch TV Online because of our own spotty network TV reception. We usually only get CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS. We rarely get NBC. I also enjoy watching some Showtime and Lifetime and HGTV Online. We save a bundle in Cable bills and I see plenty of TV to suit me.

    Witch craft! Burn them!! (He’s a fair cop)

    • She Who Must Be Obeyed often watches TV via the Web (usually from the network or channel sites) when we can’t otherwise see the program. A case in point is Hot In Cleveland which we lost when we dropped cable. We’ll probably be getting her an iPad soon — she smiled at the thought of watching TV on that beautiful, personal screen!

  2. We bought the “best” aerial Best Buy had (interesting bringing it home on the train!) and installed it on our roof for all the free-to-air channels. We get fabulous reception. We currently still have cable as well – the cheapest Comcast plan – but are looking at cutting that out eventually. We’ve discovered Peter Gunn on one of our secondary channels – loved Lola Albright so much we bought one of her CD’s. We also watch Alfred Hitchock Hour and Alfred Hitchcock Presents on the same station.

    When we had a power outage we did the same with our laptops and when our batteries died we went to a local coffee shop that still had electricity to recharge our batteries.

    • I’ve seen your nice, flat roof via your blog. The nice thing about it is you can hide all sorts of things up there and not be visible from the street! Our very fine antenna would do a splendid job… if it could be out under the sky!

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