3 comments on “Nice camera, fella!

  1. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it, to run into the president back stage (or anywhere for that matter). I am enjoying my EOS Rebel T2i EOS 550D camera a lot. It takes action shots so much better than the model before this one. But you are talking about higher priced camera’s that I looked at. Some of the expensive ones look so awesome!

    • I’ve been in the presence of several very famous people but I’ve always stayed on my side of the camera. Thing is, though, they’re just people like us that we’ve elevated to some unique position. Some of the famous are friendly and casual offstage; Obama strikes me as one of that type. Then, there are the others…

    • Regarding cameras: Don’t be deceived! The Canon EOS Rebel series cameras are excellent “beginner” digital SLRs. The things that most improve the images they produce are better “glass” –lenses that aren’t the cheapest available– and the skill of the photographer. The lenses you can buy, budget allowing. The skill you must grow yourself. — JG

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