6 comments on “As if it knew

  1. Fantastic picture!! Wow. I love that he cleaned his eyes before the picture. He must be experienced at modeling. Really neat that he was at your back door and was there for so long.

    • Thanks, FS. I was amazed that the dragonfly allowed me to touch it without flying off. I wish our siding was more attractive because the insect was certainly beautiful. Sad thing to say –the bugs look better than your own house– but that’s the truth! — JG

  2. Hi! Nice dragonfly picture! I guess watching dragon flies and damsel flies is becoming as popular as bird watching. The Cleveland Natural History Museum published a fantastic book of them from the area – oveer 300 kinds!

    • Thanks. Exploring area ponds a couple of years ago, there seemed to be a boom in dragonfly population. I started photographing the insects back then. I learned of the growing popularity of dragonfly watching only this summer when talking with a birdwatcher; I had no idea! The many varieties of dragonflies and damselflies, the coloration and other gender differences, and the fact that the insects are easier to approach than wild birds must make them attractive targets for birders. — JG

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