3 comments on “The Great Kitchen Project Begins!

  1. Good progress for just the first day! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you get done – I suppose you’re pretty anxious for that part too, huh? haha

  2. Good Luck! We just finished a redo in our Master bath. Started out as a little job of a leak, then complete shower had to be replaced, toilet, baseboards, ceiling light replaced and then oh what the heck, let’s get new carpet for bedroom. $4000 and two weeks later all is finished. Sad part is that this was all done new when we moved in here. Can’t wait to see your pictures when completed.

    • While the guys were here they used the half-bath enough that it revealed a leak in the wax ring seal. The boss offered to change out the ring gratis. We took the opportunity to add the bathroom to the remodel (should have done that at the start). Now the floor in there is replaced and we have a new low-flush toilet!

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