4 comments on “Sunday morning at the heronry

    • Hi Roberta. I was thrilled with my luck that day! All of the heron shots shown were made with a Canon 400mm “prime” f/5.6 lens — hand-held to keep up with the action. The birds did some pretty heavy-duty flying that day to handle the wind and that gave some opportunities for some unusual views. Thanks! — JG

    • I’m pleased to be able to track the birds fairly well with a (very) long telephoto lens in order to get those shots! For all their size, the Great Blue Herons are quiet and speedy fliers. The “middle” shot — the heron with its wings spread wide — shows the bird as it made a quick change of direction on a windy day; I made a print of that picture that’s 24-inches square and is one of my favorites.

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