2 comments on “Nice New Library!

  1. Unbelievable! It looks really nice. Cuy Co gave us (Olmsted Falls) a new 5,000 sq ft library…The drive thru feature is nice, but there really isn’t much room inside…Two recliner chairs in front of a fireplace…a nice children’s area, with a train theme, but very small….couldn’t accommodate thirty children…….a small teen area….

    • I was shocked at just how big and beautiful the Royalton branch is! Thing about the County system is the local village or city pays for the building and the County operates it. I guess there’s negotiations on right-sizing so that the library system doesn’t wind up staffing and stocking a branch too big for local needs. Sorry to hear the Olmsted Falls branch is too small; hopefully it’s at least a little bigger than the charming old re-purposed house it formerly occupied!

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