8 comments on “She chose us

  1. What a touching story! I love the picture of Annie’s front paws holding her back paws…Cats make the best positions! I am sure you will get LOTS of good pics with this special creature.

    • Thanks, Kim. That “fetal position” or “kitty diving” pose is my favorite. So far only iPod photos because, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” I hope soon to get some better shots of this statuesque beauty that graces our home!

  2. What a great story James! She has an intelligent little face and she has chosen her new family well. It’s a shame she was not micro-chipped so that if anyone was missing her they could be reunited.

  3. She looks so much like our “Nigel” in the sleeping picture. In “face-on” pic she looks like she has some bobcat in her genes. Glad you took her in. I am missing (just a little) not having our cats any longer.

    • Yes, Annie has a very interesting look, both exotic and wild. I love the long lines, like an Abyssinian, and her eyes are a beautiful combination of yellow and green. So energetic, she loves to chase around and occasionally ambushes me; we haven’t had that sort of cat behavior in our house in many years. We thought resident cat Tasha would be our final house cat but, well, it didn’t work out that way!

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