4 comments on “Looks like autumn

    • I saw my first Sandhill Cranes only last year in the same location … possibly the same mated pair! Very interesting to watch these birds as I’m used to be big waders like egrets and herons being in the water, the Sandhills, I’ve only seen on land. In fact, the first Sandhills I saw were walking side-by-side on the pedestrian path around the wetland area! Beautiful, fascinating birds that, I’ve also been told, can be very aggressive to suburban residents in their winter migratory homes.

      • I love the noises they make. Where we used to live, we had two to four pairs living in nearby livestock grazing pastures any given summer. I loved listening to them in the evenings.

        Sandhills mostly eat grain and bugs, so you won’t see them hunting in open water for fish like a heron would. They especially love corn, I’ve heard.

        I don’t think I’d want to take on an angry crane. The darn Canada geese are bad enough!

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