Unless otherwise noted, photographic images displayed in this blog are Copyright © by James Guilford, All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or download my images without receiving permission from me first!

Interested in my photography? Want to purchase a print of something?  Wish to purchase publication rights or hire me for an assignment or commission? See form below. You’ll also find me on Mastodon and my image sale site: www.GuilfordPhoto.com


I am one of many individuals who, when Six Apart’s Vox announced their site would close at the end of September 2010, found themselves in need of a new blogging home. WordPress had already created a process for importation of Vox blogs so (happily) nearly all content was saved though images from that time were imported at reduced resolution.

My main interests are photography and astronomy but my blog is a continuing account of, as Douglas Adams put it, “life, the universe, and everything.”

— James Guilford, Northeastern Ohio


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